Our Staff

Our Staff

At Edge Hill Child Care Centre we strive to provide families and children consistency in their education and care by employing a core team of highly qualified, experienced and competent permanent staff. We have a great team of Early Learning Professionals and strong friendships and support amongst our staff means we have a very happy and loyal team. Our educators contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as cultural diversity and their commitment and passion translates into creating a strong foundation of learning for your children that results in giving them the very best early learning and care.

Our Key Team Members

Cristina Weirman

Nominated Supervisor/Director and Educational Leader

Cristina has 10 years’ experience in early childhood and her qualifications include a Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education and Care). Cristina has a broad knowledge in educational programs and practice and implementing it for 4 years as an Educational Leader. Cristina has previously worked as an Early Childhood teacher, including 2 years (2016 and 2017) as the Kindergarten Teacher at Edge Hill Child Care Centre and has a commitment and passion for learning and continuously strives for improvement in not only the Centre but in her own life. She is a mother and role model to 2 young girls and she brings with her a warmth and understanding to her role.

My teaching strategy is based on theoretical perspectives of Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky and Reggio Emilia which I believed that children are motivated to learn when they have opportunities to make choices in an environment that is enriching and stimulating. I seek to form a close relationship with each child and their families. I see each child as a unique individual with a great capacity to learn and able to make positive contributions when they feel safe, supported and nurtured. I strive to provide a welcoming environment for children and families from different cultural background to make them feel accepted.”

Elvira (Elvie) Jennings

Lead Educator - Toddlers

We were thrilled to have Elvie join us early in 2018 as our Lead Educator in the Toddler room. Elvie came highly recommended and has proved to be an amazing addition to our team. She has over 6 years of experience in early education and has a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. She has worked with all age groups and she has a strong passion for providing high quality care of each child and family at the centre.

I want to involve families as much as possible in the learning and structure my planning for each child with this as a focus. I look forward to working alongside you as I provide quality care for your precious children”.

Lita McKee

Educator - Toddlers

Lita started working at Edge Hill Child Care Centre approximately 14 years ago. She has a Certificate III in Children’s Services and done plenty of professional development training for educators. Lita is very soft-spoken and shows a genuine love and care for the children. Lita is admired and respected by her fellow educators, parents and families for her passion and dedication to her role as an educator. She is our long-standing Assistant Educator in the Toddler room.

I believe that the children should be supported in their feelings and needs, to have self-confidence and to be happy. I believe in guiding children to have good moral behaviour and teaching children their skills for life through play and interaction with their peers and environment.”

Sunmi Raethke


Sunmi has approximately 5 years’ experience in child care and has been with Edge Hill Child Care Centre for most of those years. She has a Certificate III in Children’s Services and is currently studying for a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Her current role is Assistant Educator in the Kindy room (and occasionally in Toddlers). Sun has a caring and friendly attitude towards children, families and staff. Her strength as an educator is keeping the play environment safe and conducive to learning for children of different ages. Sun also speak Korean and Japanese which she uses to help those children where English is their second language.

I respect all children and their families’ cultural background, beliefs and structure. I believe in treating each child fairly to ensure that all children feel equally special. I am a lifelong advocator of children and I want families, educators and the children to work as one. I strongly believe in providing a fun, loving, safe and positive environment for each child.”

Odell Barton

Kindergarten Teacher

Odie joined us at the beginning of 2019 as our Kindergarten Teacher. Odie has over 10 years’ experience in childcare with 7 of those years as an Early Childhood Teacher. She has completed her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and also holds an Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services.

Odie is very passionate about the early years in a child’s development and in particular early learning. She believes in routine, fun and learning through play and she has had great success in preparing children for their transition into prep. Odie is a mother to one child and she is brings to her role a warmth and understanding of the needs of the children she teaches.

“Every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a setting that values children, that provides conditions for a safe and secure environment, and that respects diversity. Because children are both the present and the future of every nation, they have needs, rights, and intrinsic worth that must be recognized and supported.” (Global guidelines for early childhood education and care in the 21st century, 2016). My love and passion for seeing children succeed and become model citizens is one of the reasons I chose to further my education and become a teacher. Children deserve the opportunity to learn in a safe environment with a sense of individuality. They deserve to be taught to the best of my abilities to become lifelong learners and active informed citizens. My teaching philosophy has been influenced by many fantastic theorists, but Carl Rogers (1969) who echoed Maslow’s (1943, 1954) work, stands out at this moment due to his beliefs around learning. He believes learning is about personal change and growth and that the best learning comes from ‘doing’. I believe that within a nurturing environment, children will be able to follow their interests making their learning more valuable and meaningful.